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Dr S. M. Gadge

Dr. Gadge truly believes in the thought "If there is a will there is a way". He had a childhood passion to become something and make a remarkable place in this big and competitive world. As the saying goes "Struggle always pays" this has been proven right for Dr. Gadge. "Competing in this world is rather difficult. But because of my perseverance and wish to become what I am today, here I stand glad after fulfilling my own wish with the due support of my patients, my family and not forgetting the staff members," says Dr. Gadge.

After graduating from Bombay Veterinary College, he devoted his time and effort to the cause of stray animals before initiating his own practice in 2000. His professional interests include canine and feline treatment / behaviour, oral and soft tissue surgery. Dr.Gadge is committed to continuing education and has received numerous continuing education certificates including Clinical cardiology, Ultrasonography, ECG, Radiology, Surgery, Intensive care and Nutrition for small breed animals. He has performed many types of surgeries with excellent results like neutering, castration, haematoma, pyometra, soft tissue surgeries, cesarean surgery, eye surgery, orthopaedics surgery & emergency surgeries. He has a keen interest in emergency medicine and critical care. Dr. Gadge has strived hard for seventeen long years.

Apart from his profession, he loves spending time with his wife Anita, his daughter Sakshi, son Atharav and a charming pet Joy, a three year old pug. Dr. Gadge has a very positive attitude towards everything. He likes to treat everyone nicely and this behaviour of his is appreciated and admired by many of the pet- parents and his supporting team. He says, "Nothing ever came that easy. Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your might. Strive for your success and someday, may be not immediately but you will achieve your dream."

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CEs & Further Education

Emergency & Critical Care in small animal practice - 2012
Clinical procedures in dogs - 2010
National training programme on practical training in Canine Echocardiography - Oct 2014
Hands on training on Canine Orthopaedics - Sep 2014
Ultrasonography for the Veterinary Practitioner – Madras Veterinary College 2009
ECG in small animal practice - WALTHAM 2010
Cardiopulmonary medicine for small animal – WALTHAM 2012
Clinical medicines – Madras Veterinary College 2010
Small animal orthopaedics - PPAM 2008
Gastrointestinal endoscopy & parenteral/Enteral nutrition - WALTHAM 2008
National symposium on campanion animal practice – SAVA 2007
WASAVA CE programme - 2008
WASAVA CE programme - 2007
Clinical Neurology - 2009

Other than all this, Dr Gadge has attended several symposia and seminars both in India to keep abreast with the current trends and therapies on various subjects like dermatology, oncology, vaccination guidelines and immunology.


Dr Geeta Parab

Dr. Geeta has completed her M.V.SC. in Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry from Bombay Veterinary College. She started her practice from 2001. Dr. Geeta has done seven days seminar course in Canine Gynaecology & Obstetrics from Tanuvas in 2007 and CE programme in Clinical Cardiology, Emergency & Critical Care. Dr. Geeta not only treats dogs and cats but also exotic animals like turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds. She is indeed a very gregarious personality and always looks forward to take up patients. She is not only a determined doctor but also affectionate about the animals. Apart from all these daily core work she is also busy with her two loving children Parth & Kush.

Dr. Sadashiv Thoke

Dr.Sadashiv Thoke has completed his Masters in Veterinary Studies in the regard of Livestock Production and Management from Bombay Veterinary College, in 2012. He has completed his BVSc & AH from Bombay Veterinary College, in 2010.

After graduating, Dr Sadashiv joined a NGO's private veterinary hospital in Rajkot, Gujrat and was an active part in Animal Birth Control Program in Dog species.He conducted seminars about the role of NGO and its functioning in relation to Wild Life. During Post Graduation Dr.Sadashiv enrolled in a course regarding Basic knowledge of Laboratory Animal Handling. Dr. Sadashiv is a Registered Member of Science Society Maharashtra State Veterinary Council. Dr. Sadashivis also felicitated with a certificate for National Service Scheme and Horse Riding from AMATEUR RIDERS CLUB and Mahalaxmi race course.

Dr. Sadashiv also has an interest in internal medicine, cardiology, emergency and critical care, ophthalmology and surgery. After completing Post Graduation he has an experience in Companion animal for about two years at Pet Cover Advanced Veterinary Clinic in Pune. Dr. Sadashiv has also developed technical skills for Gaseous Anesthesia, USG, X-Ray, Nebulization (in bird, reptile), Laboratory work etc

Administrative staff

Mrs. Anita Gadge

Mrs. Anita Gadge, being the wife of Dr. Gadge, forms a great working pair. Dr. Gadge, himself being the specialist in the field of Veterinary, and Anita, completing her degree of Masters in Micro Biology from Mumbai University. Anita has always helped her husband in the ups and downs of life. Right from the very first, Animal Care Clinic to Prolife Vet Clinic, she has always helped him, supporting him being his right hand.

Anita Gadge is the administrative head of Prolife Vet Clinic. Having done her Masters in Micro Biology, she also works as the head of Pathology Centre in the vet clinic and takes care of all such patients

Not counting her degree in biology, she has a great affection and a caring nature for animals. She loves spending time with her pet dog Joy and takes a good care of him. Anita Gadge always believes in showing kindness and respect to people, which includes her patients.

Ms. Namita Ajgoankar

Being from an Arts background, working as receptionist in a vet clinic was quite a surprise for Namita. But we can't say what destiny has in store for us. Namita has always been there for animals. Her love for animals has brought her to Prolife Vet Clinic to work as a receptionist.

Namita Ajgoankar assists Anita Gadge in Pathology work as well as in the administrative purpose. She has completed her BA from Patkar College in Mumbai. She believes in "Accepting the challenges in life. Enjoying every moment of it."

Namita came in the clinic with her pet to visit the doctor. Dr. Gadge offered her the position of a receptionist and then within no time she became a part of this veterinary family. Namita truly likes working for animals as she has a great affection for them.

Our supportive Staff

Our staff is genuine animal lovers and know just how to handle and give care to all the creatures big and small that come to the clinic every day.
Their dedication, skill, gentle nature and service are appreciated by one and all.

Raj, Waman, Sanjay & Vijay, are the others who provide a huge helping hand in all the daily activities of the clinic.
They are the strong backbone of the Prolife Speciality Vet Clinic.

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